Thursday, May 7, 2009

i've got alot on my mind:

  • every morning i eat a bag of dry cereal for breakfast at my desk. i don't like milk, and don't really feel like i'm missing out. at. all.
  • i officially switched phones. i am trying to relearn my old phone...but it was a glorious way to wake up this morning to my old alarm. oh how i've missed that little diddy. i might be slower at texting for a bit, but it was nice to see a $30 blackberry fee removed from my phone plan.
  • i found out last night that i don't have cleaning checks this weekend. miracle? yes. MIRACLE. i guess with people moving in and out it's just easier to skip and do it next month. i'm okay with that
  • i watched step-mom on tv last night whilst crafting. i like that movie. and i cried in front of ali and perris
  • crafting. i'm making ali and perris their wedding gift...or shower gift. al already knows what it is. in fact, she asked for it. it's wood.
  • speaking of wood, i bought my own personal hand sander last night. when i told cindy, she told me i was a real woman now. great! i am a real crafty woman that owns her own hand sander. i'm beyond excited to use it after work today to finish the present.
  • i never noticed before, but i like ice. a lady at work has commented time and time again .. "you're an ice person". i always think she's saying "you're a nice person". sometimes the confusion leads to a little bit of awkwardness.
  • i drove past the intramural fields yesterday and they were playing baseball. it made me want to get a glove out and play catch with my brothers.
  • cousin lindsey gets home tonight after being gone for TWO WEEKS. count em, two. i'm ready for her to be back in my life.
  • sometimes i laugh that other people care about certain things so dang much. or that they act the way they do about certain things. it makes me grateful that i don't sweat the small stuff.
  • i have a feeling my life is going to change today. my brothers missionary flies in tonight. he will now have another person to fill his spare time. that will be weird.
  • my new position at work is going swimmingly. i love the new people i work with. my new supervisorish man says "my hell!!" in the senior citizen funny kind of way. i'm professional and don't laugh while i'm in his office, but i have to giggle a bit when i get back to my desk.
  • i get to babysit a really cute baby tonight. happy birthday megan!


Whitney said...

I think your an nice person too. Have a good day today.

DeeAura said...

What? What are you saying? Are you saying I sweat the small stuff? Is that what you're saying? WHY DON'T YOU JUST COME OUT AND SAY IT???

:) I like you. A lot. Can we eat ice together? And soon?

Jill said...

ice ice baby!

Tiff said...

Haha - I was just going to comment - you ARE an nice person. ;) Seriously on both though.

Logan said...

i'm dying to know the update on Ryan. I need the scoop!

Logan said...

Bethany! I just left a comment under Logan wilkes but it's actually Annalece. I'm on the other side of the world and apparently struggling. I can't figure out how to sign out of his! anyway, I love ya.