Friday, May 15, 2009

season 5

last night i watched the season finale of lost season 5.
i have no words.
i really need to know more people who are caught up on this show so i can actually talk about it.
as much as i love that i have gotten other people to obsess with me, it does me no good when you are on season two... and what happened on the finale happened...and we can't talk about it.
good thing my brother came over and we talked about it until after midnight. and ate rice krispy treats.

so basically, i'm shocked. i told myself i would never be obsessed with this show.

too late. hook, line and sinker.


Kayce said...

Whatever Happened happened!! I loved the finale!!! So great. I don't understand half of it, but I love it still.

I'm starting over again this summer and making Eric watch it with me. I lurve that show. IM me if you ever want to chat about it.

The Andelins said...

I am totally hooked on this show!!! P.S. Best LOST blog ever: Check it out, and I am always happy to chat LOST with you!! P.S. Lindsay's husband is a LOSTie too. But he can't seem to convert Linz.

elise lauren photography said...

WE'RE HOOKED!!!! But I do have to say that this season went hay wire. bummer.