Monday, June 1, 2009

4 days

yes. four days. only four days until i'm reunited with the person NOT in this picture....but should be. saturday was ali's bridal shower, and we were missing cindy. it was fun to chat with linds and em....sugar shack for LIFE. it was a pleasant reunion. i am very excited for the festivities this weekend. ali will be gorgeous. the st. george weather will be perfect. and cindy will be there. :)

after the shower we went on a little hike up to bridal veil falls. really, it wasn't a hike. it was more like a stroll on a little paved path up the canyon...but it was a beautiful day. i'm really glad the girl taking our picture was nice enough to ask if i wanted a second picture( after she'd taken a wide shot ) "do you want one with the falls in it??"
well....we are at the falls. (duh) we might at well get them in the picture to prove that we were here (duh). so after all was said and done, i'm glad she got my feet and the pavement in the picture...and the bottom of the falls. hmmmm. thanks though.

after our "hike" we went to the park for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and to play catch. it was a perfect day...a little cloudy with a cool breeze. the park was wonderful, and i even got to feed baby em her bottle. that is not a real smile...i thought it would be silly enough that it would be obvious it was not real, but it kind of just looks really crooked. special.

ps. ali is all moved out and into her new house. weird. thats all. weird.


Andrea said...

oh have so much fun this weekend! give ali and cindy a big hug for me and have them give you a big hug for me. . .
and PS i usually never give my camera to people and end up just never being in pictures because i get so bugged by people not knowing how to take pictures. . . maybe a little OCD on my part. :)

Meggera said...
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