Sunday, July 12, 2009

i have no control

things i should be doing besides blogging:

1. sleeping. I. AM. SO. TIRED. so tired that i feel a headache starting. but at the same time, i'm awake. i don't think that makes any sense.
2. working on my lesson for tomorrow. i had good intentions to work on it all week long, but that ended up going out the window.
3. sleeping. (see #1)

instead of doing the above, here i am. blogging. but i just can't help it. no control.

so, these will be random things, but things none the less.

uno. i just got home from the seeing the star trek movie. i know, i know. late showing - you should have been planning your lesson, blah blah blah. i have been irresponsible lately for the sake of my social life. back to the movie. IT. WAS. AWESOME. i was suprised that i really liked it.
dos. i went camping this weekend. it was not part of my original plan for the weekend, but i'm thrilled i ended up going. highlights: the drive up with scott, late night chats with matt, roasting starburts for the first time, my chicken foil dinner, corn on the cob, birthday shhhhhh, racoons breaking into our food, todd's handmade gun holster-mm-bobber, 4 wheeler adventures, the swing, that ridiculously long chat with laura, indoor smores and laughing my face off with dear friends. loved it.
tres. i hate cleaning checks just as much this month as i did last month. as much as i have the past year. i barely passed this month...they were being super nit-picky. basically i will sing the hallejulah chorus when i move out of fdl and will never have to deal with their cleaning checks again. it can't come soon enough.
quatro. have you ever felt booked. i am scheduled. seriously, every night and day is planned for the next two weeks. it's a good feeling to be busy, but at the same time it stresses me out just a titch. it's all good stuff, so i just need to calm down and enjoy the ride. mmmmm. sounds nice.
cinco. did i mention i was tired? i just fell asleep sitting here for a few minutes. whoops. i think thats my official kick in the pants to actually go to bed. i guess i'll be planning my lesson in the morning. :)


Mindy said...

Uno: I have to teach today too. What is your less on?

Dos: I am not sure why we are numbering in Spanish.

Tres: There was one more thing I wanted to say ... What was it?

Quatro: I don't remember. So I will end here. :)

Cinco: I REMEMBERED! I am still surprised everytime I hear you have cleaning checks!!

Whitney said...

I always knew deep down you were a Star Trek Nerd.

Meg said...

Too cute my spanish spelling friend!

Brianna Soloski said...

Glad life is busy and good.

Melissa said...

i second whitney. star trek? really?

spock: hey beffy!