Thursday, August 27, 2009


sorry about the lack of posts lately. things have been crazy busy.

latest news: i officially no longer live in an apartment building. i checked out last night and turned in my key (and garage door opener....don't ask.) it was a good feeling to be done with that place. sadly, it never felt like home there. i wasn't sad to leave.

and now i live in the sugar shack. no dishwasher, no central air, no garage door opener and no outside barbeques....and i'm thrilled about it. couches are being delivered today. pictures are slowly making their way up on the walls. and my little whicker chairs are out on the front porch.

pin a rose on my nose.

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Katie said...

I'm excited you get to be roommates with Leni! She's so great! I always wished I could have gotten to know her better.

And yes, please fix the lack of posting.