Monday, November 16, 2009


We went to the Symphony. Not just any Symphony performance though…Bravo Broadway. I’m afraid the secret’s out, and after advertising on the radio….there was a full house. I can’t complain…I’m thrilled that people are taking interest – but I missed my balcony seats.
We loved it. It was the perfect way for me to spend my Saturday night (and brush up on my conducting skills) We missed Keith (lockhart) but enjoyed Jerry, the new conductor. Did you know that I have a secret dream of being a High School Orchestra Instructor? Well, not so secret anymore.
Going to the Symphony makes me miss playing. Did you know I play the violin? True story. And truth be told, I’m not half bad. I’ve been playing more lately, and I like it. Who knows where that will lead (meaning, I don’t have plans to audition for a community orchestra any time soon…) but I’ve decided I can’t let my violin get dusty.
I love traditions. I love this tradition of going to see Bravo Broadway with my cousins. Can’t wait for Broadway Rocks next summer. Yee haw.


Whitney said...

I've pulled out my cello too. I got new strings for my bday. Don't tell Grandma or she'll make us play in her ward. I never knew about your secret dream. It's because Karl and Schulty had such a profound influence on you.

Steve Lamb said...

I went to the symphony for the first time not too long ago and it was awesome!! But you seemed so seasoned in the symphony ways that it is intimidating... Time for you to play me something... PS sorry about your laptop. I couldn't even read the whole post because it made me sad...