Sunday, November 22, 2009

did someone say memphis??

this week is thanksgiving. i get to go home and play with my family. i know it's cliche, but i'm going to make a list of things i'm grateful for....seeing how, as of late, i have quite a list. don't worry, you'll hear all about my trip to memphis if you're patient.
  • i am grateful for dear friends. friends that give me cake for breakfast. friends that listen. friends that make my bed every day. friends that tell me to take a personal day from work. friends that are siblings. friends that are honest. friends that ugly sing with me. friends that live far away, but with a simple phone call can make it feel like they are here. friends that tickle my arm. friends that make me laugh. friends that sing celine dion with me. friends that know i don't like milk. friends that give me birthday presents months after my birthday. friends that watch "while you were sleeping" with me several times the month of december. you all know who you are.
  • i am grateful for my family. when the going gets tough, i'm always reminded they have my back no matter what. they are a wonderful support system. as i get older i realize how lucky i am to have siblings that have become friends, and parents that continue to encourage me as i figure out life.
  • i am grateful for beautiful and calming sunsets. just what i needed.
  • i am grateful for alone time (i.e. drives to las vegas) sometimes it's great to get lost in my own thoughts. sing at the top of my lungs.
  • i am grateful for a job that allows me to leave for a weekend to be able to go to a friends wedding. i realize not everyone has that flexible of a schedule, and i'm grateful that i'm able to still have a life (until tax season starts. then i will be a slave to my job...but then i will be grateful for overtime!!)
  • i am grateful that my brother gets home in less than a month from his mission. heaven sakes, he is happy and healthy. he's worked hard. i'm beyond excited that he will be home in time for christmas and that my family will be able to all be together
  • i'm grateful for cousins. enough said.
  • i'm grateful for the temple. it was great to be able to be in the temple this weekend for megan's wedding. it is a place that i can't help but have a feeling of peace. i need to take advantage of temples close to me, and i'm excited to be able to go with cindy over the thanksgiving break.
  • i am grateful for perspective. and a good attitude. they are a killer combination. i wish i could say i always have this happy duo, but that's not the case. right now, i'm extremely grateful they are both around.
ok. sorry to bore you with that, but i felt like i had to get that off my chest. when i sit back and look at my life, i realize that i really am a lucky girl with plenty to be grateful for.

on to memphis. are you ready???
#1. i pick up on accents way to quickly. i now say "mama", "ya'll", "you know what i mean" and talk with a little twang. it's not on purpose. it just happens (ask cindy). i flew in and met megan and the girls at the melting pot for the most expensive and looooonnngest meal of my life.

so fun to be with this girl again.

and to meet these ladies. do we look good or what??

friday we woke up to run errands. we went to get our nails did, and then headed over to pick up her wedding dress. yes, when you get engaged and plan a wedding in FIVE weeks, you pick up your dress the day before the wedding. the dress fit perfectly, even after eating a full feast at the melting pot the night before.
the rest of the day was spent decorating for the reception :)

temple time. megan is a little excited if you can't tell....

married. woman.

...and look who i found. old bff and now old-married-man-grown-up. we had a great time chatting and catching up.
megan looked beautiful. she was beyond happy...which means i was beyond happy. thank you thank you to the ennis family for picking me up from the airport, welcoming me into your home, feeding me, toting me around to run errands with you, and sharing megan with me.
thank you tinker family for a night out on the town (we went to see "blindside"after the reception. see. that. movie. it is so so so so good) thank you lauren for driving me to the airport at the crack of dawn.

the south treated me well.
cheese biscuits.
good friends.
accents galore.

congrats meg. thanks for letting me be a part of your special day. i'm beyond thrilled for you and joseph. you deserve the best, and you've got it! love you girl.


Whitney said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! I tried to call you last night to make sure you weren't driving in the snow. Love you.

Meg said...

SOOOO glad you were there!! LOVE the pics!

Jeni said...

You are precious. Thanks for blogging about Meg's big day. For the six years I have been a part of this family, this is all she has ever wanted. So glad you got to come be a part of it all and you were so much help! Yes, the melting pot was quite an experience, huh?? Hope to be able to hang out with you again someday. Wanna come to New Mexico??? Seriously.