Wednesday, December 2, 2009


right now there are a few necessities in my life. get me from one day to the next.
#1. these goobies. nathan, please come home in 16 days so i can have a new picture with me and my best friends. i don't know how i got so lucky to have such amazing siblings. we don't always get along, but we're family. i love them. and right now...i can't imagine life without them.
#2. ok. i don't own real ugg boots. they are too expensive for my blood, and always will be. When i was in Memphis, i bought boots identical to this for 13 buckaroos. they suit me just fine, and i wear them non-stop. i was sad when i decided i couldn't wear them to work....and then i didn't care. i've worn them to work 3 times now. for some reason, they make me feel better...and with a skirt, they don't look half bad.
#3. no, that is not a pile of precious gems or rocks. it's ice. alot of ice. i would say i eat at least 2 cups of ice a day. yes, chomp it with my teeth.

#4. i don't know what i would do without my phone. it is my lifeline to my friends. lifeline to my family. i've texted more in past 3 days than i think i have my entire life. if i were to lose my phone now, i would be i a world of hurt and trouble. can't wait to see my bill this month. :)

#5. ring out wild bells. yet another reason why i love the christmas season....candy cane hershey kisses. these babies are seasonal, and when i saw them last night, i bought 3 bags (granted, i gifted one of them away, and hid the other for future) i was literally sad when these were gone last year, and honestly laid in bed last night and thought about stocking up so i could have a supply year round. sick in the head? maybe. will i actually do it? possible.

#6. oops. dinky picture. i wish that was my christmas tree, but it's not. but i did put up my christmas tree last night. it's not spectacular in the light of day, but it has a lot of meaning to me. i would say that a majority of my ornaments have a story to go along with them...collected from travels or gifted to me. i love them, and it brings back alot of fun memories to get them out.

just a reminder that friends are always a necessity. and sleep.
and for the record, i should have an entire blog just to talk about how lucky i am to have wise, loving, caring, understanding, always-going-above-and-beyond-to-make-sure-their-children are-happy parents.


Meggera said...

I love it!.. ALL of it. So thankful for perspective and the peace that it can bring. LOVE YOU!

Meg said...

sooo glad I finally have internet again so I can read about you!