Monday, January 4, 2010

happiest of happys

happy new year.

hope you had a fun, safe, exciting, smooch-o-rific, party all night kind of new years.

my new years was nothing spectacular. in fact, i was in a car. driving. the clock on the dash struck 12. and then we kept driving.

i went to st. george with friends for the weekend. the weather was warm(er) than provo. the food was great. company fantastic. and guess what....i took pictures with my new camera that santa brought me. since i don't have a computer, it makes it a little tricky to unload the camera and throw them on the blog. i'm working on it, and you'll get an incredible red-rock-sand-dunes-4wheelin-extravaganza post.

until then, happy 2-10.


Whitney said...

"the clock on the dash struck 12. and then we kept driving."

Love it. New Years is over rated.

Steve Lamb said...

You should buy something to protect your camera... You have some electronic voodoo on you, my friend... Your camera AND your laptop! New Years Resolution #1: Save the electronics!