Friday, January 15, 2010


we have a problem.

let me explain. when i was young, some close family members called me gertie. (bless you, if you were one of them) as you may know, i like to laugh. heaven sakes, i don't know how i picked up on this laugh. anyone seen oklahoma?

one word: gertie. (you'll hear her in the first few seconds of the clip. "i've been right behind you the whole way" "i know...i heeard ya")

yes. i used to laugh like that....until my father lovingly told me that if i wanted to have friends i would need to change it. so i did what any respectable person would do. i changed my laugh.

well, lately i have been laughing like this. (okay, maybe not that extreme, but kind of a little bit) no, i do not watch south park. no, i do not laugh like this all the time....or on purpose. but it's still happening. it has to stop.

i feel like i finally got my laugh to be normal....and not gertie-licious, and then something like this has to happen. i need an intervention. fast.

or do i???


DeeAura said...

absolutely DO NOT get any kind of intervention.

At the very least, wait until I hear you laugh like that. :) bwahahahha...

Whitney said...

I wish there was some way to write down to you what laugh I am doing right now.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

oh my dear you could laugh anyway you want and i would still love you. even more if you liked watermelon! :)