Thursday, January 21, 2010

m squared =h to the c

i was thinking about breaking this down into 7 different posts, but i don't feel like it. so, let the massive randomness begin!!!

so, one day i decided to buy a computer. you remember the accident with my last computer. this time, i went netbook. so far, i love it. no complaints. (i took this picture whilst driving. dumb i know. it almost became something very bad. all parties involved are fine.)

these are my new earings. i am wearing them again today...and i love them. i know what you're thinking. they are so cute that you want a pair. sorry. exclusive earings. why??? because my sister made them. true story. i know you're jealous...and i don't blame you. they're D(ang) cute.

i've started to eat oatmeal. on my way to work. which means i'm starting a collection of dirty bowls in my car. yes, they are still there. and writing this just made me remember i have a dirty bowl at work. note to self. take dirty bowl home from work. moral of the story: i love oatmeal.

where in the world is this picture taken? utah lake. yes. we are on the frozen lake. what are we doing???

bowling. yes. it happened. cindy was in town and had a group of friends going on this little outing. in my attempts to be more social, i went...even though it was something i wouldn't normally do. can you see the lane...with actual pins...and an actual bowling ball? this is my life. truth.

this is us attempting to take a jumping picture. by us i mean elise, me, cindy (who was in town for the weekend) and her friend lauren. we aren't the best. but i love us anyways.

elise, chance, beeth and cinda. the three on the left didn't stay for very long. 'twas cold. and we were on a frozen lake for heaven sakes. but i'm glad we went :)

don't let this shock you to your core: scott let me cut his hair. i know, i know. it was fun. i like cutting boys hair. i like to think i'm decent at it. i saw him the next day and it looked good. too good. so good that i asked him if he went somewhere else to "get it fixed". he swears he didn't. either he's a liar, or i am really good. you decide.

and last but not you ever have people in your life that get you? listen when you need them to listen. laugh with you when you need a good chuckle. talk you ear off when you want to listen. hungry when you're hungry. read the same books. listen to the same music.
in this in the same house. enter lindsey. it's sure been fun to live with cousin linds. we are two peas in a pod. and icing on the cake---she's funny. dang funny.
enter scott. in this case, does not live in the same house....but might as well. in a weird way, scott and i have discovered that we are the same person, which is nice sometimes. and sometimes when we want to eat a dozen doughnuts betwixt the two of us. yeah, bad.


Whitney said...

I love random posts. Congrats on the netbook. Please don't take any more pictures while driving.

I love oatmeal too. Please don't eat it any more while you are driving. (I'm sensing a theme here.)

Nice earings. Share the love.

Bowling on a frozen lake? Pretty awesome. Did NOT know you could walk on Utah Lake.

And last but not least, that picture of you and Lindsey together is amazing.

Linze Kate said...

Four things I love -
1) Your earrings! SO cute and classy... good job!
2) Oatmeal. I know your feeling... love it, esp. with bananas in it. Try it. Any kind.
3) YOUR HAIR! It looks SO good in that last pic - I love the color and classic cut... another bravo!
4) YOU! I'm glad life is good...

Melissa said...

earrings are fantastic.
oatmeal? you are your father's daughter. sick.
i hope your laptop has wifi so we can read status updates on a full screen. in bed. awesome.
i heard bigfoot was spotted near that lake just a few weeks ago. . . too late to warn you now. considering that i am reading your blog post right now i'm guessing you are safe.

Whitney said...

Did I mention the beb is cracking me up tonight?

Ali said...

haahah. Funny #1 "all parties involved are safe."
Funny #2 cindy looking like she broke her ankle on the way down from that jumping picture.
#3 you're dang good.

Tiff said...

Hey you! Miss you. Got your text the other day - I know I should have replied...I was distracted. :)
Also - a lesson I have learned with oatmeal...milk with oatmeal...dangerous combo while driving. Now I need to get my coat cleaned.

Melissa said...

that earring picture does not do it justice.