Monday, April 26, 2010

it's your diet

that seems to be the answer to every woe i have these days. i sat with my trainer and told him i was tired and had no energy.

"it's your diet. i'll fix that"

with a few clicks of a button, he supposedly fixed my problem. so....if i'm tired, grumpy, have no energy, or no's my diet.

my brother in law asked me if i was single because of my diet. i'll ask my trainer to tweak a few things, and we'll see. :)

i thought i was tired because i put in a little over 125 hours at work in 2 weeks. or because i completely moved in one weekend. and painted a room. and haven't been sleeping. but if he says it's my diet, i'll play along.

speaking of the diet....i'm getting burnt out. it's becoming very hard for me to find motivation to go running, let alone go to the gym. i know it's good for me. i know i feel good when i'm done. i know i'm supposed to do it for my competition that ends in 2 WEEKS.
but guess what. i don't care anymore. quite frankly....i want a doughnut.

ok, that's a lie. it's not that i don't care, but 8 weeks is a long time to be on a very strict diet. and yes, i've been very strict with myself. i'm sure there are some of you that are rolling your eyes and telling me to cry you a river. your wish is my command. when this is over, i might shed a tear or two. celebrate good times. and then eat a doughnut.

i get to go home this weekend. sun. hiking. sun. bike riding. sun. sleeping. sun. and family. life is good.

and i have my diet to thank for it....


Tawny said...

haha, stay motivated!! you're doing SO GOOD! You're going to kick everyones booties!! You will win. :)
ps. i'm glad you get to go home this weekend. that will be nice.

Lindsay said...

You're coming home? You think you could squeeze in some time with the Z's in between all that sun and hiking and bike riding? :)

Gregory said...

Okay, it's time you gave into Jillian. I am telling you, give her 26 minutes a day and she will makes you feel like you jogged AND went to the gym and you get to do it FROM HOME on those days you really just don't want to go to the gym.
Also, so when you get ornery (what? I have never seen you ornery . . . ) I should just make you a cheese on toast? Go call.
ALSO, go timing on Vegas. This week is gonna blow when it comes to weather.

hf said...

I love it when you have the one thing you can blame anything on. I'm tired/hungry/cranky because of ________ .

Keep up your hard work!! You're almost there :)