Friday, July 9, 2010

did you notice??

i changed the name of my blog.

it used to be that just happened.

i used to say that all. the. time.
like after everything i said.
that. just. happened.

that phrase is now a thing of the past. the new phrase.
real. life.
anything to do with real life.
is this real life?
this is real life.
are you being real right now?
is this real.

so, i've decided to change the name of my, not only do i blog about real life...the good, the bad and the ug, but if you are one of the luckies to see me on a regular basis, you get it in real life too.

so there you have it. i'm sure a majority of you didn't even notice the change. but for the one who did (thanks whit) i thought i'd explain.  :)


kevin. Leanne. Beckum. said...

for the record...I noticed.:)

Steven & Jennifer Clegg said...

We're not one of the luckies because we never get to see you and, well, it sucks. We miss you and can't wait for you to meet Olivia :)

Cindy said...

You better believe I noticed!!! It drove me crazy at first because I kept thinking that I had typed in the wrong blog address. The new title is very fitting....the old one will be missed greatly though....I was a part of that title....I look forward to being apart of this new title shortly:)

Adam R. said...

that. just. happened.

Love that phrase.

Whitney said...

This means I love you most.

Ali said...

i did notice, and i think i gasped.

Brad said...

i knew if i waited long enough you would explain yourself...not that I fully understand but...i'm okay with that.