Monday, November 8, 2010

warning: boring post

but important post.

today i paid alot of money for a stupid reason. i officially hate car insurance.i understand it's purpose, but that doesn't make it any more fun to enter my credit card number on a stupid webiste and hit submit. see ya later paycheck. i didn't need new snow boots anyways.

this is the deal. i think i'm paying too much for car insurance, and i want your feedback. if you don't feel comfortable sharing your personals about your car insurance in a comment, email me your personals. :)

I'll admit that i'm not very good about doing my homework (let's be honest, i never was...). i'm not one that shops around. i'm actually with my car insurance people now because that's who my parents use. when i started paying my own, they just started sending the bill to me.

there's got to be a better way. for heaven sakes, there's got to be a cheaper way. please oh please, share your knowledge with me. (i feel like i'm asking to copy your homework....sorry)

i tried to get online and compare rates, but i don't know that i did it correctly. what is a normal premium? what is a normal 6 month rate for a gal like me. right now, i feel like i'm getting jipped and i hate it. hate it real bad.

i would like to take care of it sooner than later, seeing as how it's starting to snow, and mama needs a pair of snow boots.

(ps...where's a good place to find snow boots?)


Meggera said...

I told you... Woman, I was going to save you nearly half of what you are paying. NO pity from me this time Sister. NONE.

Whitney said...

"I feel like I'm getting jipped and I hate it. Hate it real bad."

I talked to you long enough ago I thought this would be old news. I'm sorry; car insurance does stink. Good luck.

PS. In the past I have bought snow boots at American Eagle and Target.

Melissa said...

who needs a car. . buy 10 pairs of snow boots and put them to use walking to traX. let me know when you head to nordys. i wanna go.

Marissa King said...

I agree with Melissa BUT we go through Bear River, it's a Utah company, and for 2 of us (one being a boy) on 1 car we only pay $49 a month. It's not too bad from what I understand....

Ali said...

i got snow boots at famous footwear. the bearpaw kind. about 50 dolla. very warm, very nice. to open my personals to everyone, i pay 369 for 6 months, so about 61 a month. i don't mind, i'm an open person. i believe it's a good deal. i could be completely wrong.

halie said...

talk to ryan abut ours. its super cheap, but it all really depends on the car and history, i think. its still worth a shot though!

ps found the CUTEST boots yesterday at famous footwear.. too bad i don't have an extra 70 dollars layin around..( secretly crossin my fingers for christmas, we'll see!) :)

Jessie Evans said...

Bear River Mutual. Seriously. We pay $62 a month for full coverage on two newer-ish cars.