Monday, May 23, 2011


straight from the horses mouth.

  • my ankles like to retain water when they are sunburned. fancy that. if you don't know what i'm talking about, click here and then imagine about 94% not that bad....and you'll see in your mind what i'm too lazy and self concious to take a picture of and post on the blog.
  • now that i'm on the surgery schedule, i'm a little nervous about my lasik. i know it will be fine. i know my doctor is incredible. i know that i'm going to love it. it's just so....permanent.
  • ok fine. i actually care enough about oprah that i feel the need to watch her last few shows. let me rephrase that. i guess i'm curious enough to see what in the world will happen that i feel the need to watch her shows. it's kind of like the royal wedding....i just want to be able to say that i watched it.
  • i am really ready for summer to get here. i love the rain, but not every day for lots of days. i love me a good and random summer thunder storm...key word there being summer. please, sunshine. come and stay....for keeps.
  • i swear i got rid of alot of clothes. for some reason i still find myself having lots and lots of clothes. i started packing up some on my long sleeved winter things tonight and realized that i may have a cardigan obsession. ok. i have a cardigan obsession.
  • sometimes i wish some of my male friends were actually girls. does that make sense?
  • i need some sort of motivation to start a summer exercise something. i haven't even decided what i want to do. i think i need a walking buddy. someone to walk around and around sugarhouse  park with me and unload the latest juice. then maybe we can graduate to running. then i need to sign up for a race. which all sounds great and wonderful, but right now it's really easy to come home from work and watch oprah and then eat dinner and then get tired and study and watch svu and then blog and then call and friend and do a load of laundry...and basically, not exercise. stupid.
  • i went to fhe tonight. by myself. as outgoing as i am, i still find it not extremely fun to show up places by yourself...especially if you don't really know everyone there. be brave little piglet.


Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

this is emily...did you know that we are EXACTLY the same person? i'm amazed as i read your blog, how crazy similar we are.
this is a very flattering realization for me, by the way:)

Whitney said...

I can't believe you linked to that picture. I forgot how nasty those blisteres were. I didn't think you got that fried last weekend...

How long can you not drive after your surgery? Will you need a ride to Nathan's BC open house?

Get the paper off the inside of my pantry door. Bingo: motivation. And I will run a race with you.