Sunday, May 8, 2011


happy mothers day, mom.
i know i shouldn't be suprised how my relationship with my mom has evolved. she is a good friend, but still seems to manage to maintain her role as my mother. she knows when to give advice, when to sit back and be supportive. she always has a craft to work on, or something to cook in the kitchen.
i've learned so much from my mom. how to change diapers, make cookies, wash clothes, make beds. i'm beyond grateful for the interest my mom took in her children. of all the jobs in the world, i know my mom would have chosen to be a mother. she's a natural. she loves it, and it's evident in how she tends to her children and their needs.

love love love you, mom. thank you for...everything!


Whitney said...

We do have the best mom ever.

And now, I must go to my mother.

Lamb said...

I REALLY like this picture. It says so much.

markstewy said...

so true...