Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I hate the zoo

One time I went on a blind date. He knew I worked at the Moran. I knew the date was going south when that's all he had to talk about. (well, I knew the date was pointing in the south direction when we showed up at the zoo) That's when he told me he was a patient with "Dr. So and so" being treated for "such and such".

Today I actually learned about "such and such".

Wow. I'm realizing now that he shouldn't have shared such information on a date... If he was trying to won me over, anyways.

looking back now, maybe he was trying to sabotage the date from the very beginning.

Well, it worked.

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Mike said...

What's wrong with the zoo? I love the zoo!

Lamb said...

I like the zoo, but memo to self... never take a date to the zoo.

Whitney said...

I enjoy the date stories. Did I ever show you my friends blog devoted entirely to such stories? Remind me to show you on Saturday.

Emily Kate said...

Wow I'm dying to know what "such and such" is.