Wednesday, May 4, 2011


today after work i hopped the fence and crossed the field to the parking lot to my car. did i ever tell you that the "field" is actually a frisbee golf course? if you're not careful, on a sunny day, you could get pegged. it was refreshing to have the sun out...and people out, for that matter. it put me in a good mood. i wanted to call i flipped through my phone. first call. no answer. left message (you better call me back...)
second call. answer. shocked. i was planning on leaving a message for my long lost friend/daughter. we both have busy schedules, but hers tends to actually be about 17 times busier than mine. i was thrilled to hear her voice and we chatted for about 30 minutes. i'm grateful for her. she's a good listener. knows just what to say. she's funny. and i know our friendship is the real kind...the kind that i dont have to talk to her often, but we can pick up like we saw eachother yesterday. we can ramble on about nothing, but seconds later ask the real serious questions. she had some good stuff to share with me today. little gems that made me think. made me realize a few things need to change. and when i hang up the phone with her, i think about how now i'm motivated to actually do those things. if she can do it, so can i. one of my favorite things about her is her secret blog. it's not really secret, but it's private. and she spills her guts on that blog. it's so refreshing (i'm sure you guys would love it....none of my "suggestive" or "secretive" posts. she puts it all out there) i wish i was brave enough to do that. once again, she makes me realize i can do things i didn't think i could do. short of the long...i was glad she answered her phone.

a few random thoughts to keep you going:

  • i watched someone get botox today. i never want to get botox. ever.
  • dancing to justin bieber in the shower is not a good idea. scratch that...dancing in the shower period is never a good idea.
  • i need to go on a trip. not to st. george. further than that. i don't know where...but it needs to happen.
  • i got my hair cut. it looks just the same as before, but get this - i can actually do it and have it look presentable. funny what a little shaping can do, eh?
  • i had a great chat with grandma this week. i'm excited for mothers day when we can all go to grandmas and celebrate the great women in my life. there are so many. i'm lucky to have so many good examples.
  • i made a list of goals today. i like doing that. i like looking back at past lists. i like seeing things crossed off of those lists.
  • did you know i like white chocolate? probably better than milk chocolate. definetly better than dark chocolate.
  • i want to see something borrowed. comes out on friday. hope it's not trashy.
  • had a texting reuniting with a friend/old roommate this morning. i miss provo friends. remember how i said i miss provo friends but not provo? i wish they could all just move to salt lake. consider that an invitation.
  • this sunday i'm going to my new ward since the stakes and wards were reorganized. it should be interesting. is it bad to request a calling that would ensure involvement in the ward? i miss being involved. bad.
  • scott and joey are not in my new ward. at first i was sad about it, and now i'm ok with it. it will be good because in a weird way, we don't know how to socialize with eachother. don't get me three = great....but it's weird when you haven't really interacted with big social groups together to throw that into the mix. i don't think i could ever flirt with someone in front of one of those boys. to them, i'm sweats wearing, cheeto puff loving, haircut giving, last minute trip to st. george, fantasy factory/jersey shore/bait car watching beth. and heaven knows, i'm not like that with the general public. so...i can go and be my presentable self, and leave the girl that falls asleep and drools on the couch thing behind.
  • remember how i pay my rent by transfering money into my landlords bank account? see ya later, check writing. so easy. i love it.
  • you can thank me later for this. it's no camp rock, but try it out. perfect summer jam.


Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Come to L.A.!!! PLEEEEEEEEEASE. We would die to have you here. Seriously, come. :)


1- I want to go on a road trip this summer. You in?
2- I like white chocolate better than milk or dark.
3- I like you and loved hanging out last night!

Kayce said...

You do realize I live in Denver right? Which is not St. George? And it just happens to be the greatest place to be in the summer? Even though I will be out there in 3 months you visiting out here would probably be appropriate.

Whitney said...

Europe. I dare you.

Lamb said...

One word... Disneyland, well really that should be two words, but Disney can do whatever they want...