Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#27 Attend the symphony

my mom always chuckles when i tell her how much i love the know, that i-told-you-so-why-couldn't-you-have-liked-it-when-you-were-in-orchestra kind of chuckle.
i like the symphony. i love going to the symphony with this crew. best friend and cousin laura is exactly 8 months older than me. you know what that means? we celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend (since her actualy birthday is TODAY!!)
dinner. waffles. see me run. symphony. charleston chews.

what a perfect night, and icing on the cake - i got to cross something off my list!!

love you, laura. i've always loved that you have a good 8 months to give our new age a try and let me know what to expect. i think you are right, 2012 is a great year to turn 30 :)


The Walkers said...

#1 I wish I went to the symphony with you.
#2 Way to cross something off your list
#3 Sorry I never commented on your post about us making the quilt. I loved it btw.
#4 It was so good to talk to you last night. My step is a little lighter today.
#5 I'm glad you like the color scheme in my room.

Jill said...

I told you so! ha ha

Laura said...

tradition! tradition! p.s. we love Jerry!