Saturday, January 7, 2012

christmas secret: revealed

my friend laura came to me long before christmas with the idea to make a tshirt quilt for her husband with all of his old favorite tshirts that he doesn't wear anymore. i was more than excited to help her with her project, but it wasn't easy. her husband is king of discovering surprises, so we had to be super sneaky. thank goodness for evening classes for his master program that gave us time to meet up at her house to cut out squares!

 laura actually bought the back fabric online and once it came we met for a night of quilting. good thing we did this up at aunt barbaras house(the queen quilter). it took much longer than any of us thought, but laura and linds and i had a blast getting this quilt up on the frames and getting it tied.

and then we put it in a black trash bag and laura had to hide it in her house until christmas. from what i hear, he loved it, and was very surprised. it was so fun to help laura with such a fun present!!!

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