Saturday, February 4, 2012

curse you, pintrest

sometimes i see things on pintrest and i just can't get it out of my head until i make it myself. this is a skirt you can find at anthropologie for $258.

this is a skirt tutorial to make your own for much much much less.

 ryan and halie were coming up for a dinner on friday night and needed a babysitter. sold.
melissa caught wind and decided to come up and help me babysit, thus a night for crafting and babysitting was born. i went to D.I. and found this beauty:

and we turned it into this beauty:

it's obviously not perfect, but i'm still happy with how it turned out. it was a fairly easy project, and was alot of fun to see it take shape. there are things i would change next time around. you learn. right?
in the end, the skirt cost me 7 bucks.
buttons 4 bucks.
i'd say we saved quite a bundle!!

let me tell you what was perfect about the night:

little colby was a good sport, even though he was in a new place. my roomate told beb and i that we were brave souls. "i don't babysit my nieces and nephews until they are at least 1 1/2". hmmph. beb, colby and i did just fine. sewing, dance parties to the carpenters. bride wars. naps (colby). brownies and ice cream. the night was an overall success....and beb got to take home a new skirt. and for anyone that thinks i got the short end of the stick....look no further. i woke and found this on my phone, which basically means i think i got the best deal in the end.


Jill said...

There are no words, but a good laugh.
Love you two! and Colby makes three!

Melissa said...

that video. so embarrassed. note to self: colby hates chris brown...loves rihanna.

Lindsey Robb said...

good job girl! That skirt is totally on my DIY Pinterest to do list... someday...

Whitney said...

I have the coolest sisters EVER! So impressed with your skirt skills. I'm glad you had a partay! When I watch that video, all I see is my son who is the clone of Melissa and likes to do his eyebrows.

Alyssa and James said...

You are so crafty :)