Monday, February 20, 2012

happy pday

i told myself that i couldn't sit at home today and do nothing (as appealing as that seems sometimes).
i knew if i headed up to the wards house, it woudn't be a boring day.
i was right.
we started out going on a walk.
i made liza and lindsey tell me secrets.
once olivia joined us, carson took us up to go 4wheeling.
have you ever been wheeling in the snow?
it's a little different than 4wheeling in the dirt (which i would say i'm comfortable doing)
2 machines got stuck a total of 3 times.
one machine almost did a full 360 and almost plummeted off a cliff to a fiery death.
my machine was not one to get stuck.
it did do an almost 360 and there was a kind of ledge that was about 10 feet away that i was afraid of sliding right off of.....but that didn't happen.
we came home. thawed our frozen bods. made homemade pizza and chilled out by the fire.

and for a small chunk of the day i wore 3 pairs of pants. at the same time.

so there you have it. hope you had a great presidents day.
to you and yours.
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Melissa said...

"made liza and lindsey tell me secrets"

what the. i thought this only happened with us at our slumber parties. thanks for the invite.

Whitney said...

Whispered: "Tell me your secrets."

The Walkers said...

I am SO wishing that I was part of your pday. Looks like a smashing good time.