Tuesday, March 6, 2012

it is what it is

i just wrote a whole blog post and deleted it because i was rambling. i hate rambling....so i'm going to try to make this clear and to the point.

i've slept on the couch for over a week because i was sick. it was easier to prop myself up, making it easier for me to reach for my box of kleenex and cough up a lung at the same time in the middle of the night. luckily i'm on the mend and successfully back in my own bed. strangely enough, i kind of miss the couch. i enjoy sleeping on couches and sometimes for no reason will bunk out on the couch just for kicks. maybe that's weird.

i may be feeling better, but my voice didn't quite get the memo. i still sound like a man, and it's been officially titled my "sexy voice" at work. i'm flattered, really. good thing i wear scrubs all day everyday to compensate for such sexiness or i might be in trouble, and by trouble i mean....well, nevermind.

downton abbey. have you been watching? i caught onto the craze long after everyone else, but that's okay. cousin laura has it on netflix on her tv and i'm always beyond thrilled to have an excuse to go to her house to hang out...which seems to be happening more and more lately. sorry again about the delayed start last night when i decided to start talking about my love life seconds before pushing play. hmmph. at least i didn't have turkish royalty die in my bed, so life could be worse, right??

we had stake conference this past sunday. i was a few minutes late after driving like a crazy person home from centerville sunday morning. man alive, was i glad i decided to speed home for the meeting. there were some great talks and messages shared. some things i want to remember: COMMITMENT, HONESTY, BOLDNESS, RESCUE, TEMPLE, ATTRACTIVENESS, SNAKE, DEDICATION.

i feel like i've been driving alot lately. it's not a bad thing. sometimes it's nice to have a quiet drive for me to think to myself. sometimes it's the perfect time for me to make that phone call to that person i've been trying to get ahold of. sometimes it's the time to think about that person that i've been waiting to hear from that hasn't called. hmmph. and sometimes it's the perfect time to jam to some tunes. maybe i've been jamming to this and fist pumping to this (note: i just watched both of those videos for the first time and they are stupid. just warning you...close your eyes and pretend you're in my car and they will be much cooler)

i get to see this dude this weekend, and by dude i mean the little one that looks like a grown man...minus the facial hair of course. i love this little man, and i'm glad he likes his new tie :)

i think nicknames are cool. somehow people in my life have nicknames. ankles, crouton, half-hall, doctor, salsa, beb, bubba, candles, rhino, garden state, frank....the list goes on. if you know who any of these people are, you're in. the nicknames are no secret, it just helps me differentiate. sometimes you need that when you have 17 steves in your life. (it also helps with story telling...heaven help us all) speaking of steve, i get to cross something off of my list this month. i bought a plane ticket and i'm headed to sacramento to visit gangster steve and his family. (just to clarify, he's not really a gangster) i'm never been to northern california before and couldn't be more excited to go visit friends. 

just think...next time i blog i will post a picture with little missionary cousin:) even though i'm afraid he's not so little anymore


Melissa said...

i watched the music videos you skank.

Jenny Alama said...

I am hooked on Downton Abbey too. I couldn't believe when he died! We've only watched the 1st season because that is all that is on Hulu right now. I'm itching to know what comes next.


I also love those songs. They help me run a 9 minute mile...on a slow day.

Leanne said...

H. i miss you! thanks for posting and we need to catch up sometime. or figure a way to meet in BC for a reunion or something!!!

love ya!


Whitney said...

I miss you.