Sunday, March 25, 2012

spring is in the air

this morning i looked out my back door to see blossoms on the fruit tree in my back yard. it almost looked like it was snowing with the gentle breeze blowing off some of the blossoms onto the grass. i can't believe it's march and we have no snow on the ground and blossoms on the trees. i love it.
this week i've been trying to catch up on sleep, and i've been doing a horrible job at it. a co-worker suggested a 9 o'clock bedtime. honestly? it sounded wonderful, but for some reason....i couldn't do it. i'd get a phone call at  8:45 inviting me to "be social" and i'd be out the door. hunger games at midnight didn't help. every time i'd plan a nap something would come up to take it's place. city creek, hunger games, beauty and the beast, good company, bath time...and oh yeah, catching up on greys anatomy. needless to say, i'm beat.

this next week will be different. i've decided it's spring cleaning this week. i have a new roommate moving in next week (more news on that later) and so i want to make sure everything is in ship shape when she moves in :) oh yeah....and i've been using that empty room to store some clothes so i've gotta move those. there is laundry to be done. surfaces to clean. things to organize. seriously. the blossoms outside? it's spring. i want this house reeking of lysol.

i got to meet up with my an old friend this weekend and have our signature belgian waffle at bruges downtown. if you're looking for real belgian waffles, this place has em'. since lindsey and i met in belgium as nannys, it's only appropriate that we gorge ourselves on such goodness. it seems even more justified when we don't see eachother very often. lindsey, her sister lexi and i sat around on the outside patio and ate our hot waffles and frites and caught up on life, and laughed about the old times. i'm so lucky to have such good friends. even when they live far away and have families and crazy lives of their own, they always make an effort to meet up with me when they're in town. i love it.

even though i'm pooped, i'm afraid everything i did this week was worth it. worth being tired. and the best part of it all?? i don't see myself catching up on my sleep any time soon. this next weekend i'll be heading up to the wards cabin to enjoy general conference and celebrate lindsey's birthday. easter weekend? i get to go home. happy easter to me. and while i'm home, we'll be doing this. dont be jealous...

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Whitney said...

You are doing the silk dyed eggs?!?!?!?! I AM jealous.