Sunday, April 15, 2012

the "cleanse"

remember that 7 day diet/cleanse i told you about? easy peasy, right? only 7 days. i can do it! i've had several people doing this with me, and everyone is having slightly different results, and each day is different for every person.
today is day 6. i had chicken for breakfast. i want to kill someone. several days this week i've woken up with a headache. i feel hungry. alot. long story short, it's been a hard week. yesterday more than anything in the world, i just wanted a churro. i almost caved, but then laura made a lovely dinner of chicken. so i held out for one more day. will i be having cabbage soup tomorrow? i'm just not sure.
i'm not trying to keep you from doing this little week of goodness. really, not all days were bad. i'm just a wimp. and i hate tomatoes. and i want an egg.

just to catch up a bit....

i went home for easter. it was such a quick but wonderful weekend. saturday morning we woke up and went on a nice little hike in the nice las vegas weather.

i already posted this picture on facebook, but i'm just so happy with how our little eggs turned out. we followed the instructions from our best bites on how to silk dye eggs. we actually ended up hollowing them out so we wouldn't have to chuck them after all of our hard work

this picture probably deserves a post of its own. my dearest friend lyric got married on thursday, and i was so lucky to be a part of her day. all day long i couldn't help but be grateful to have such good people in my life. lyric and i are the type of friends that can go for a time without talking or seeing eachother, but when we meet up it's like no time has passed.  her family is incredible, and they literally treat me like i'm family. so kind. so welcoming. so grateful. so accommodating. it was so fun to see them again and watch their family interact. i couldn't help but think all day about how lucky i am to associate with such wonderful people in my life. it might sound stupid, but i'm so proud of lyric and cade for being married in the temple. there are so many other "options" these days. so many different routes to take. these two did everything right. what great examples to me and a great reminder of the blessings that are available to those who worthily marry in the temple.

after the reception, i stopped by to see frank of course. what would a trip to provo be without seeing frank?!?

look out for an upcoming post. we took some pictures for my cousin this weekend. engagement pictures. maybe you can vote on which ones you like the best??

update: this was actually my post from yesterday that i didn't post until today. day of the diet was hard. until it wasn't. i ate (cold) chicken for breakfast and then headed out to take pictures for my cousin. at 2:0 when i realized i was getting light headed because i'd only eaten cold chicken, cousin took me out for a salad at paradise bakery. and then i ate a half of a cookie. and then i had a bowl of lucky charms for dinner. judge me if you must.  so the question is.....will i do the miracle soup today?? probably not. i won't eat like a crazy person, but i will not eat miracle soup. i hope this doesn't deter you from doing the diet. you'll do great!! i still had alot of success with it....and you are stronger than me, so you'll be fine :)

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