Tuesday, June 18, 2013

mothers day

We started out mothers day by going to music and the spoken word. it was a great program, and Mitt Romney was there, so we figured it was the cool place to be. it was the perfect day -- we were welcoming the sun after the loooong winter and then rain we had for a few weeks.

the roommates

 i'm a pretty lucky girl to have such great girlfriends :)

and in case you forgot what happens on mothers day in a family with a missionary:
it was so good to talk to Beb--to see her and hear her at the same time. maybe that sounds silly, but it was just good to see her smile and hear her laugh, especially when she feels so far away. we got to talk as a WHOLE FAMILY on google chat. can you see everyone at the bottom?? (beth, mom and dad and math, mark and sophie, beb, nathan, ryan and crew, and whit and crew). it was so fun, and so hard at the same time. i cried like baby when i had to say bye (whoops). sometimes i think about what she's doing everyday and i can't believe it. i'm so proud of her and her efforts in Thailand. 

so basically, this mothers day rocked. 

ps. i did talk to my mom on mothers day, and in case you guys didn't already know....i think she's the greatest thing in the world....my world, at least. 

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