Friday, November 21, 2008

grandma, grandma sick in bed...

called the doctor and the doctor said: lets get the rythm of the feet (stomp, stomp)

sorry, another sesame street flashback.

both of my grandmas have had trips to the hospital in the past week, and man alive am i grateful for modern medicine! they are both home and doing great.
i love grandparents, and i've been lucky to have them in my life. alot of people i talk to don't interact with their grandparents much. i'm glad i'm not like that. i consider myself lucky for the time i get to spend with them and sometimes forget how much i can learn from them if i sit back and listen (or watch). they have lived wonderful lives, with the gospel at it's center.

today i'm grateful for my grandparents.

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Andrea said...

i love my grandparents too!