Monday, November 24, 2008

i've got a lot on my mind.

  • it hasn't snowed yet. well, there was that one day in october, but it melted long ago. it tends to storm up when my family comes, so who knows...maybe the slopes will open the day after thanksgiving after all
  • my family is driving up on wednesday. fantastic. beb and matthew called last night being silly while doing dishes and listening to christmas music and it got me more than excited for them to get here.
  • Ali and I are starting a new running schedule. is the holiday season the best time to start a new diet or exercise routine? why not. (and now that i've posted about it, any of you are allowed to check up on me and my so called running schedule.)
  • i am officially listening to christmas music, and i love it.
  • have you ever asked a famous person to throw away your trash for you? just wondering how that works, and how it made you feel.
  • i am so grateful for dear friends that i can have real conversations with. by real, i mean things that really mean something to me.
  • i love my ward. i love my hometeachers. i love my visiting teachers. i love institute. love my bishop. love my rs presidency. and i got my visiting teaching done yesterday. love.
  • i am learning to laugh at certain things in life that, maybe before, would have been annoying. you can either be annoyed and get frustrated, or laugh about it. laughing has been good medicine.
  • i like to cook, but sometimes just can't think of anything easy to cook. i love chicken and happen to have a bag of frozen little tenders in the freezer. any recipie ideas that are easy, healthy and scrumptious?
  • i finally got to talk to cindy yesterday. our conversations these days are quite hilarious because we have to much to catch up on. ridiculouso.
  • reminder that i only have to work THREE days this week. count em' bucko. THREE. and then i get to play with my family, which i love...even though i don't get to go home to vegas.
  • our vaccum is broken. by broken, i mean a screw is missing so the handle comes off. our management took it about 2 weeks ago to "fix it". when i saw them yesterday, they asked me if i had the screw. really? if i had the parts, i would have just fixed it myself. the fact that we called you means we couldn't fix it. i now realize how much i liked to vaccum my front room, and how excited i will be to get it back.
  • weekly challenge. remember our weekly dating challenge? we invited a male to partake in the goodness of the weekly challenge, but he is stumped for dating ideas. i don't know that i'm any better. does anyone have fun dating ideas now that it's cold outside?
  • we are having a ward auction, and auctioning off service things. we are supposed to get creative (dinner, editing a paper, cleaning a car...) and ali and i wanted to sign up for something but we can't think of anything cool. any ideas?

i dare you to reply to all my questions. no, i double dog dare you.


Whitney said...

Make Spike Chicken. You will thank me later.

Kayce said...

You are in luck. I'm bored at work, surprise surprise. I do love my job, but mostly because it gives me time to comment on your blog, and you know I can't resist a double dog dare.

-Holiday time is not the best time to start a exercise routine because a.) you never have a steady schedule
b.) It's more fun to pig out and watch a movie during the holidays
c.) It's so cliche. Start in March

-What counts as famous? I may or may not have done this when I worked for the sports teams. Apparently, for me, it's not that big of a deal.

- I don't remember your weekly dating challenge, but I may need to get on that. Good date ideas, hmm. Nicklecade, BYU hockey games, ice skating are really all I can think of for Provo. I really need to go out more.

-We just had a service auction last week and I've got some good ones.
1. Mend clothing items
2. Help make a quilt
3. Use of racquetball court (I have one at my complex, but I don't know how relevant this is to you but maybe you can find something similar. I made $45 with this one.)
4. Snow Shoveling (maybe scrape the snow of someone's car in the morning)
5. Gift Wrapping
6. Haircuts
7. Rides to the Airport
8. Fly fishing trip
9. Dinners for Valentine's day
10. Research Assistant
and my personal favorite, cause I'm the genius who came up with it.
11. Substitute to teach a sunday school or relief society lesson. It would have gone for more if I could have taught priesthood.

There you go.

Kayce said...

DUDE!!!! Are we even friends? I just looked on the side of your blog and saw the link to my blog and you spelled my name wrong. Really!?

Bethany said...

kayce. please forgive. it is fixed. thanks for the ideas. they are golden!

Kayce said...

All is forgiven. Oh and I forgot to add a recipe for the chicken. I get some peanut sauce or some teriyaki sauce and I just boil some noodles and put the chicken and sauce over it.

I use Toyko Joe's sauce but they don't have that out there, but maybe Rumbi's has some sauce you can buy separately.

Mindy said...

I beg to differ with Kayce. The holidays are the BEST time to start a new program. If you can stick through it during the next month, you will stick to it through anything.

I've never asked a famous person to pick up trash. However, I asked a professional athlete once to get me some more ice for my whirlpool. We then dated for four years. So, I would assume asking them to pick up trash would have the same effect.

No, I do not remember your dating weekly challnege. Date ideas: night hike (yes, even in the cold), scavenger hunt (loves those, hi, am I lame? Don't answer that), making cookies for someone. Or, if there are still pumpkins still around have a pumpkin carving contest. OR, best yet: have a leg wreslting competition.

Services to offer:
* Anything they can come up with you to do with you left hand.
* Clipping their toenails.
* Triming nose hairs

Ideas with chicken: being the domestic Goddess that I am ... just eat the chicken?

I hate feeling peer pressured to do things and I felt pressured to do this ... because you double dared. Ugh.