Monday, December 15, 2008

you are woman....i am man....

lindsey (and all other funny girl fans)...that title is for you.

good things about today:
  • i was on time for work.
  • i got alot done today
  • i had my first "morning meeting" with my boss, and i actually liked it
  • i can say, "i go home for christmas this week. i love that
  • someone funny added me on facebook today. still laughing.
  • i had a hot shower...with a shower curtain. (long story)
  • we got a new curtain rod, so i can actually hang my towel over the rod without it falling to the ground during a shower...which is a very good thing
  • dinner
  • i had a great three way phone call with my girls today. i love exciting news, especially when there are three people on one phone call
  • did i mention i'm going home this week?
  • i got to go to my sister in law's final exam for a music theatre class. i love watching her perform
  • i had a great meeting with my boss and a client. i love getting to know clients better...and after working with them in person, it makes it so much easier to handle situations over the phone. did i mention this was a big client? it went well :)
  • i worked through lunch today, and left work at 4:15. sometimes when i do this, i'm dying to eat and usually have a tired headache. nope. somehow the day just flew by.
  • i listened to my high school musical pandora station today. basically they play hannah montana, jonas brothers, hsm, hsm2, hsm3 and camp rock. i. love. it.
  • aa is coming to visit me right now. yes! and if you know who aa is, you are my real friend. just kidding, probably only cindy will know.

bad things about today.

  • nothing.
  • no complaints.
  • i love you.


Mindy said...

Curse you! IF YOU WOULD TELL ME WHO AA IS, I WOULD KNOW!!! How are we supposed to know if you don't tell! THE SECRECY ON THIS BLOG IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. Love ya! :)

Melissa said...

you are woman...i am man....
thanks for the add lol
hahaha come homeeeeee
i have a snow day and no one to play with.