Tuesday, December 16, 2008

what in the snow?

#1. i told myself i was going to bed last night at 8:00....and i was tired enough last night that i could have done it. i didn't go to bed until 1 because i was tempted by dear friends.
#2. aa is aaron allred (thats for you mindy). no secrets. i don't know why i wrote it that way. probably because i knew it would bug mindy. sorry.
#3. after aa left, i had to call cindy to talk about the visit....you know, catch her up as if she were there. it was one of those conversations i knew i had to be quiet, but i was trying not to belly laugh from my room. i actually hid under my covers so i could laugh. and when i can get cindy laughing, you know its a good conversation.
#4. i ate a piece of chocolate before i went to bed. bad move. if i eat any sweets before bed, i always wake up with a headache. duh.
#5. have you looked outside today? i was dressed in a skirt...until i opened the door and just dropped my purse in shock. i turned right around and went to put pants on. everytime it snows i realize i do not have winter clothes. not winter clothes to wear to work that is. if only sweatshirts and jeans were appropriate at work...then i would really love my job.
#6. i almost died on the way to work today. TWICE. okay, thats a lie. you know when your mom says, "i'm not worried about you, i'm worried about other drivers on the road"...?? i am that other driver, in the winter anyways. i hate driving in the snow. i don't know what to do. and when my brakes locked up this morning, i almost had a panic attack.
#7. i am safely sitting at my desk with my space heater going. :)

if any of you have fantastic driving tips for snow...i'd love to hear them. and every year i remember i never bought a scrapey thing to get the snow off my car....and for some reason never end up buying one. duh.


Kayce said...

If you are interested you can come to Denver and participate in the "Kayce's School of Snow Driving" It's only $9.95 and if you act now I'll even throw in a scrapey thing as you call it.

I love snow driving. The main trick is to not freak out. Sometimes it takes practice so that you can be confident enough to stay calm, but I would just go drive in a parking lot somewhere late at night when it snows, and just get used to the way your car acts.

Ok, that was a freebie, but if you want more in depth, and hands on training with a professional then call 1800-GO-SNOW

I wish it was snowing here, but no it has to be -15 degrees. Sick.

Ryan said...

Lets go to denver B!!! i've got a spare 10 bucks for kayce!!!!

DeeAura said...


That's for you. Merry Christmas. :) Lol. Oh, how I love my Trick! :)