Tuesday, December 2, 2008

icing on the cake

i was invited to an exclusive birthday lunch on friday. why? because i am cool. i would tell you who it's for, but i don't want you to feel left out and wonder why you weren't invited to such an event. ok, so it's work people so no need to worry really. but out of 60+ employees, i am one of four (including the birthday girl) that is invited to lunch. what can i say, people like me.

i'm hoping you all know that i'm joking when i brag about how cool i am. heaven knows i am far from cool and wonder on a daily basis how i even have friends like you who actually are cool.

and i love when people i love get well deserved attention from boys. this person would die if i exposed information. duh. like i would spill the beans here. sorry charlie, thats just more goodness for the secret blog. and yes, i posted on the dang thing multiple times today, because i can.


Andrea said...

i heart you and i heart that you have and write on a secret blog. really no more needs to be said. LOVE YA!

Ali said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAA i love reading this. and the secrets on the other blog.

Mindy said...

Why do you keep mentioning the secret blog? You want all of us not part of it to feel left out, don't you!!!

Mindy said...

P.s. Thanks for the update on the cleanliness of Adam's car the other day. Although, as shocking as this may be: I have been in it and know its general status. ;)