Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We didn't start the fire...

Thank you Billy. That song actually came on my pandora radio station yesterday (thank you again Kayce for the wonderful introduction).

I have a space heater at work that sits under my desk. I love that little thing, and part of my morning routine is turning that baby on. I get to work. Turn on my computer, go downstairs to fill up my cup with ice water, back to cubicle, log into computer, turn on space heater, start the day. see? it's very important. i can't start a work day without warm little footsies, and this thing blasts the heat.
It's always tricky to determine when to turn off the space heater. it all depends on the weather, what i'm wearing, and if my neighboring cubicles have had their space heaters on. this might sound gross, but i usually start sweating before i realize i need to turn that baby off. by this time, i think i've already started cooking my ankles.
yesterday, i started smelling something burning. it scared me. that last thing i want to do a fairly new employee is burn down the building because my space heater was on full blast. i am usually really careful to not let my pants rub up against my heater, because it gets so hot and i don't want to start a fire or melt my pants. i picked up my heater. took a big whiff. not my heater.
minutes later, i got a call from the girl at the desk next to me. she just wanted to let me know that if i smelled burning, to not worry. (WHAT?!?!) she had kicked over her space heater on accident. whoops.
it's a miracle this place hasn't burnt down already i guess.
and in case you're wondering, my space heater is still on and my upper lip hasn't started sweating yet so we're good to go.


Kayce said...

Definitely had a fire started at my last job that required everyone to evacuate the building, and one of my coworkers was standing next to the elevator waiting for it to open. Duh, anyway it was started by a space heater, but was put out quickly so if it does start a fire it probably won't be major.

Chris and Karen said...

were do you work??

Bethany said...

i work at Squire & Company in Orem. party on wayne.

Mindy said...

I have a space heater too. AND: I forget to turn it off all.the.time. Where do you work again? Because when I hear that it has burnt down, I will think of you fondly. If you ever hear of CETC in Logan, UT burning to a crisp, think of me. :)