Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it's game time.

okay, this is weird....but funny. on this web site you can combine your face with another persons. find out what your kids will look like or something like that i guess. since i'm not married, i just picked a few men in my life...
so here's the game. can you guess who they are??? some of you will know all of them, but not everybody. hint...it actually helps if you look at them from afar. okay...some will be obvious, but oh well.
here we go!!!
bachelor #1bachelor #2

bachelor #3

bachelor #4

bachelor #5

gross. but funny. go ahead and play my little game.
and if you win...i'll name my first child after you.
ps...i'm well informed that the last one looks slightly deformed. just pretend that i didn't look hard enough for a picture that would work better so it looks like a horse bit out a chunk of the right chin/cheek. thank you.


Mindy said...

Maybe you and Adam should never procreate. ;) Although, your children would amazingly PERFECT and STRAIGHT teeth! :)

Melissa said...

is the first and last one matthew and ryan? hahahahahah.

Jenny Wells said...

ok so... is #2 ryan cain, #3 adam ruri, and #5 your brother ryan? these are too funny! i love it!

Bethany said...

jenny. i am proud of you. you got all the people that you actually know!!i'll post the real pictures soon so you can all see the real people. sometimes i think that makes it funnier....