Monday, March 30, 2009

cat's outta the bag....i think, anyways.

that's right folks. i know you've been dying to know the "secret" i mentioned on the blog a while back. let's be probably skimmed over it, or completely forgot. i forgive you.

i'm transfering over to the tax department at work. okay, so you don't think that's a big deal. at this point, i really don't care what you think. it's a big deal to me, and i'm excited about it. it's a larger department than where i am now, so will allow for alot more social interaction. i get to share a workspace with my friend (major plus) and it will be nice to be doing something a little different from the usual. best part of this little transfer is that it happens a week after the tax deadline. i will have the summer to train and become familiar with things before we hit another deadline...which will be nice.

i repeat. this transfer is a big deal. and just to clarify, this is not a promotion....only a transfer, but i'm still excited about the new things i will learn and the new people i get to work with. let the good times roll....after april 15th anyways..... :)


Mindy said...

Well, then YAY for transfers! I did NOT forget about your secret! Because of the exclusiveness of your secretiveness I had to create a secret blog just to feel better about myself. And it worked. Thanks for the motivation, love! MISS YOU!!! Again, YAY for the transfer! I am excited you're happy for it! p.s. Does this mean you will be able to do my taxes next year??

Bethany said...

thanks, mindy! and if you think one secret blog makes you feel should try two.

Mindy said...


Now laughing!

TWO! I have seventeen!!!!!! Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAH! I don't, that's why I am laughing so hard! :)