Monday, March 16, 2009


i love people in my life.
#1. email from my sister. just what i needed to hear. just when i needed it. perfect.
#2. phone call from a best friend. she didn't even listen to my whole 7 minute message i left her. she knew after the first sentence that we needed to talk...and she called. and it was perfect.
#3. phone call from my mom. she just talked to me like nothing was wrong. made me laugh. and told me she loved me. perfect.
#4. good friends at my house for fried bread. i love me a good scone extravaganza.
#5. the family that stayed long afterwards talking about the good old days and laughing about who knows what. nothing better.

i love when things in your life make you realize that the things that were bothering you were actually silly things that have no importance. so thank you for the reminder.

we had stake conference yesterday and we sustained a new stake presidency. it was suprisingly emotional for me. i've lived in the stake bounderies for a total of 2 1/2 years and was always impressed with the way our stake presidency had a presence. we knew who they were. they visited our ward often. we were invted to their home for family home evening. they had several firesides that allowed us to get to know them. looking back i can see their influence in my life and i'm grateful for their selfless service. i'm really excited for a new stake presidency. new leadership is always exciting.

this week is going to be crazy. i am going to sit down today and make out a calendar for the week, or i might miss something. this weekend? crazy. and i couldn't be more thrilled about it.

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