Wednesday, March 25, 2009

raise your right slap yourself.

i think most of you know that i live with roommates. ali from hoodbridge, patty from portugal, and nathalie from the netherlands. we are so cultural. it's been interesting to live with people from different cultures, but it's been great. (nothing like jule) I really am lucky to have normal roommates.
The other night i was sewing my little heart out, and my two foreign roommates sat down at the table for dinner. the following was our conversation:

N: oh yeah, we were talking about something in class today and i didn't know what they were talking about. my teacher told me to come home and ask my roommate. B, what's a twee---a twin-kie??
B: WHAT?!?!?! What's a twinkie?!?!? it's this little yellow cake with this filling inside. you get it in your lunch in elementary school....
N: Oh, like the cake is rolled around filling?
B: no no no. it's squirted in from the bottom....kind of like a ding-dong. (bad idea)
N: a .....ding-----dong?
B: a little chocolate cake hockey puck wrapped in foil???

That's when i found out that Patty didn't know what a slurpee was....and actually asked what one was IN 7-11. oh the horror.

That's when i told them to both raise their right hands....and then slap themselves. okay, so i really didn't make them to that. but i did tell them that next time i went to the grocery store, i would buy them twinkies and ding dongs....just so they could experience them.

The next day, cute Nathalie said, "i remember the twinkie. don't make me slap myself, but what was the other thing???"

I laughed. "The ding dong, girl. the ding dong."

love. those. girls.


Whitney said...

Are those really still good? They sound pretty nasty now.

Bethany said...

they're no fiber one bar, but there is nothing like a frozen twinkie if you feel like eating your feelings...

Jenny Wells said...

i love that that line can be used to fit so many scenarios. like this one. i think the last time i had a twinkie was elementary school... no, i take that back. thank you efy.

DeeAura said...

Hahahahh!!!! Oh, I like that so much more than I know how to say...* wiping a tear *

Emily said...

Hilarious! Our brother in law is from the Ukraine and he always cracks us up by saying the wrong word to describe something. Those crazy foreigners. ;)