Thursday, May 28, 2009

alright, alright, alright, alright, alright HEY.

my little friend posted about efy on his blog. i'm trying not to be depressed about it, but i'm not working efy this year. okay, so i went and dropped off treats for a friend at games night last night, and stopped by the v show today on campus. i missed the show, but got to see some DEAR friends.
it got me thinking of my efy life and how lucky i am for so many people that i've gotten to know over the years that have become dear friends and examples in my life. so let's start the tour, shall we?? (ps...i'm starting from year one and working up to the goodness that was last summer...)

let's go back to DAY ONE of efy. yes, you heard me right. we met in the bathroom while we were trying on our counselor shirts trying to get the right size. the rest is history. Lyric and i were in the same bc group that week, and we've been besties ever since. Lyric is on her mission right now and comes home this summer....and i can't wait for her to get here. we would sneak away at efy during those "stressful times" for secret ice cream bars and dance parties. one word: love.

what a week this was, and i never would have thought i would have gotten another best friend out of this one. this is the only week my companly EVER won the cheer off...and it was ah-maz-ing. bff steve has been there for me through thick and thin. weird to think he's married with a little girl on the way.

i don't know that i have words for this picture. Dev and i are still dear friends. all the girls are in love with him, and let's be serious....i like going to dances with him because he gives me all of his hottness of attention instead of all the cute little blonde thangs, and i love him for it. he gives the best hugs of all time.

really though. ad is the best bestie anyone could ask for. i laugh when i see this picture because we both look so little! i would have never thought when we took this picture that ad and i would have so many "adventures" (yeah, adventures....) with this kid. ad is the best secret keeper of all time, and i'm afraid he knows ALL of MY SECRETS.

oh the nicknames you get at efy. there is a very elite group of people that call me trick. dee is one of those people. this was the one time i celebrated my birthday at efy...and dee and kell bought me my first pair of pierced ear earrings. i got my ears pierced that weekend and felt like a grown up. :)

love these people. love working at byu. love efy.

another dear friend i met at efy. marissa is on her mission and gets home this summer ON MY BIRTHDAY. perfect timing, eh? we are basically twins. and we went on an awesome trip to new york together. with that many people in a hotel room, someone is bound to see someone naked. whoops.

enter year dos. i worked a few weeks at byu as a counselor before i headed up to area sessions to work as a bc. those weeks were fabulous. this week was insane, and i loved my co co's. and yes, preston is wearing my vest.

enter area sessions. and j-rad. and megan. and tiff. okay, everone up there basically became family. heaven help us all...

i managed to make it down to provo one more week during the summer and worked as a bc on one of the teams. i met the sugar cain, who ended up being my coordinator partner the following summer. small world, eh?

i know this picture is not officially efy, but let's not forget that i went to disneyland every summer after efy, thanks for mark and his genius. classic picture. classic friends. and this is also to remind myself and other people how skinny i was. holy moly.

words for this pictures? none. letters?? CPK. i love these girls, and the trips we make to CPK to gossip our eye balls out. not the bad gossip, but the good healthly update your life kind of chat. meg ended up being a roomate and bestie, and sis craig is enough to make you laugh your face off. both are dear friends.

this was my dear team from year a few. love them. miss them. even people that dance with hula hoops. (heaven help us alll.....)
enter year tres. coordinator training. ry and i had NO CLUE what we were doing, and quite frankly i was scared to death. i think i had tricked ryan into thinking i knew what was going on. sucker. loved these people. sad i didn't get to work with all of them all summer long, but ryan and i made our way up to slc.

in case you were wondering, magic happens in slc. these are my girls. we are in the secret know, the one the youth don't really know about? if i needed alone space to have an emotional breakdown (or secret boy conversations), the secret bathroom was the place to go.

i was lucky enough to have a few friends come work as counselors for our sessions. andre came up and brought me special peasant presents home from guatemala. yes, they are magnets. yes, they are on my fridge. yes, andre would teach his youth the dances from high school musical because he was an EXTRA in the movie. i love being friends with famous people....

these gems are from year dos, but came to visit year tres. my southern love. oh girl.....

my beloved team, with 52 in the back. my goodness, we had alot of fun in the site office. and yes, if you look closely, there is a bag of bbq chips on my desk. when i got stressed, chips solved my problems. basically, i ate my feelings...which is - unfortunate.

what a tour!! i love efy. i miss it. i miss the people. i miss pizza night. i miss blake the chef (not really, but still). i miss the youth. i miss dances. i miss v show. i miss the excitement of it all. i miss teaching. i miss dressing up on tuesdays and thursdays.
i don't miss brightly colored polos. (bless you if you are working this and khaki?? oh my.) i don't miss games night. i tried to love it for three years. just not my thing. i don't miss efy love. baby mama drama. i don't miss participants setting me up with their brother (it seemed like such a good idea at the time.) i dont miss that blasted cheer, and i don't miss being so tired....
but when i think about it...the things i don't miss... i really do. efy was a good phase of life. i learned ALOT about myself, people, the gospel, teaching, leadership, delgation....and by year three, ryan and i learned what it was like to be married. (basically)
so, if i know/knew you from efy....thanks for everything. you are a dream. you helped shape me in your own way to become who i am today. if you are still working efy...i am JEALOUS. enjoy every second of it, and give your youth treats. they deserve it.


Krystle said...

hey bethany.. i just stumbled upon your blog and what do you know i made a picture! im also not at efy this year sad day but i really want to thank you for making my first year so awesome! you really taught me alot about the gospel and about life! that was one week i will never ever forget! so thanks... hopefully ill see you this summer at Hayden's homecoming!

Adam R. said...

Ha ha...there are two reasons that I can think of for my being little in that EFY photo. One of the reasons I can work(out) on and the other I can't. We all just get a little older. That's good right, B? I'd like to think so...I just found out that they are working on an EFY New Zealand! *tear*

Miss it...and glad we have the photo of my yellow shirt. Aunt Jane made me throw it away--haven't worn it since EFY 2006 (I think). Besties...:)

Mindy said...

1. I didn't make that list at all. Sigh.

2. I love all of your dresses/skirts. I love the shirts you wear with them. I love the little cardigans you wear with them. Will you dress me for Church ... every week? Please? :)

3. I was having a lot of these same thoughts yesterday. I was walking up to my apartment and had this weird flashback of walking around DT! I actually thought about blogging about it too!

Alyssa said...

Bethany. Love the post. Been thinking the same thing. Still might blog about EFY. Maybe not. But probably will. Miss you girlie.

Heather and Taylor said...

Darling pictures! I loved visiting you up in SLC and eating all the chips and otter pops I wanted :) By the way thank you for wearing that ring on your left hand. Love it!

Bethany said...

heath...i was hoping no one would notice that. you would, haha. and girl, you come visit me and you STILL get all the chips and otter pops you want :)

mindy, if it makes you feel better, you were mine and lyrics first brought us together. precious.

alyssa. post it. i dare you.

krystle. long time!! hope things are going well!!

ad. i didnt know that yellow shirt was so precious to you, but i'm glad we have it documented. sunbathing for life.

Katie said...

Um, why am I not remembering that specific secret bathroom session? And why am I wearing Jenny's navy blue sweat pants with a brown skirt on top of it? Wow.

Remember how they're all leaving for Mont-P tonight? Remember how they're already making the Friday night hike a tradition? Remember how we need to go crash their party sometime soon? REALLY.

Jenny Wells said...

there are so many things to say about this post. but i loved it. and the pictures. people have tried to talk me and fez into volunteering one week. maybe... but maybe not. i'll just make a little visit. efc anyone???

DeeAura said...

HAhahaha...oh, of all the pictures to put up, I'm so glad you put THAT one up of us! :) Although, I do love love love that day of your birthday. *Imagine a big, fantastic grin on my face as I read that portion* I instantly loved you. Still do. Done and DONE. :) Love you, my little Trick! :)

Steven & Jennifer Clegg said...

We were in Hawaii for a week, so I finally checked up on your blog. Your bff Steve misses you so much and so do I!! I'm glad that he had you over the years to steer him clear of all the crazy girls :) Our little girl will be so lucky to have you in her life, too! We can't wait!! Love you ♥