Wednesday, May 27, 2009

campout for life

over memorial day weekend EVERY YEAR, you can find me camping with my family. i know you are jealous, and i know that we all look so good in all of these pictures....but i love them. the pictures and the people.
don't worry. it rained. alot. and it was cold. but it was worth it for dad's breakfast. oooh la la.

the sun came out for a bit...but i kept my scarf on because it was still cold. weird, i know. here's heather and debra. we love deb, but she doesn't have a family shirt. don't worry, we are getting new ones next year so we can match in the big family photo :)

we made the coolest tie die shirts. don't worry, my fingers are still different colors from making these babies...but it was worth it, and they turned out awesome! (please say awesome an octave higher than the rest that sentence)

and this is preton sitting on my back. thank you for the tweak number you did....i tried to go running today, and i almost died. what have you done!??!?!?
look at my cute cousins.

so overall, campout was a success. the final count in attendance was 472. yes, you read that right. what? that's more friends than you have on facebook? i'm sorry to hear that.
we did all the traditional campout things: carnival. dance. jump rope. dutchoven cooking. family feud. chigga cheer. lion hunt. card games. and i ate everything in sight.
and i taught my nephews the #1 rule at campout... you can have all the ketchup you want, which i'm pretty sure has secured me the favorite aunt spot for a while now :)

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Adam R. said...

Huh, you've been on a lot of camp outs since we were friends. I almost came on one--my claim to fame right there!

Mindy said...

I actually said awesome in a deep, scratchy voice like this, "AwwwwwwwSOME!" Meaning, I held out on the "Aw" and said the "some" pretty quick. If you don't mind, I am going to stick with my pronunciation. P.s. I like the scarf. Who cares had it been 459* outside. Wear it. It's cute.

Heather and Taylor said...

Love this! Love you! Cousin Dinner NEEDS to happen. xoxo

Jenny Wells said...

thank you for wearing that hat :)