Thursday, May 21, 2009


don't say you're going to call me and not call me. am i bugged? beyond bugged.

so now i'm watching some show on tv about siblings being reuinted. siblings that never met....meeting for the first time.

this girl goes and knocks on a door after searching on a mom answers the door. they ask eachother their names. tears. the mom yells to the daughter in the house. the daughter comes to the door.

mom: this is your sister!!!
daughter: don't be playing with me, mommy
mom: i always told you that you had a sister!!!
girl at the door: sister, sister!!

and some girl just met her birth mother. the day before she met her twin sister that she'd never met before. for some reason they'd sent one daughter off to the states. so the mom and twin in guatemala meet the americanized girl. they can't even talk. language barrier es no bueno.

did i almost cry watching this show? yes. partly because it's sad that they are just meeting eachother. plus, reunions are emotional things. partly because i'm ticked about the phone call.

on a happier note, family campout starts TOMORROW. hobble creek canyon. tents galore. dutchoven cooking. family feud. family dance. carnival. baseball. naps. crafts. cards. naps. sleeping bags. bigfoot. marshmallows. taco salad. skipbo. oh yeah....and rain.


Adam R. said... word for the Davis Family campout: singing! I wish I could remember one of the songs you and Ryan talked about. HAVE FUN!

DeeAura said...

I'm SORRY, Trick!!! Don't be mad at me forever. :) Carrie Underwood has a song about this. I'll sing it to you to make you feel better. (Uh - unless my singing will make you feel worse, and in that case, I'll just let Carrie sing it for you.) Eh?? :)

Steve Lamb said...

Buck up, pal! Life is full of undialed phone numbers... When are we going to have our reunion? Who knows maybe your my sister...