Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hate mail

do you ever get to work and your inbox is just overwhelming?? i'm sitting here going through all of my emails, and i don't want to take care of any of it. the things in my inbox alone will keep me busy for the day. on top of it, we have two assistants out of the office today. that means people will come to me instead of their regular assistant.
i'm tired. i'm cranky.

i need it to be thursday night.

i'm doing a secret challenge with my girlfriends right now. it's good, but i secretly hate it and want nothing to do with it. but it could potentially be a very good thing. and so i participate. happily and willingly participate. brit. it started today, and i've already done a good job. you'd be so proud. everyone else...i'll let you know if it works - later. much later.

oh yeah. i've been using my old phone. i love it. the battery is not quite like my beloved blackberry, but i'm adjusting. all along, i've been missing ringtones on my old phone and i'm thrilled to have them back. i learned this morning that i do not like being woken up to ringtones. i love my ringtone, but with how much i hit the snooze one likes a song that much. mixing something really good (favorite ringtone) does not make something really bad (trying to wake up in the morning) better. it only taints that which was once good. i'm switching my phone to vibrate. yes. i will wake up to the vibrate and leave happy songs for better times.

i got my hair cut yesterday. she did a perfect job. i love fantastic sams. and if you're nice, they only charge you for a childs cut. i am nice. she got a big tip.

back to work....i forgot i'm taking other peoples calls today too....and running other peoples classes.....and waaah waaah wahhh.

i need chocolate.


The Irons said...

Hey H!! Good morning! I just found you! Just wanted to say HOLA and try to enjoy least you have a job right? :) Take care!
Love, H (leanne)

Bethany said...

oh sweet mercy. you comment just turned my frown UPSIDE DOWN!!!! so glad you found me. i need to have your number to text our little hearts out. i need updates on your life. and i feel slightly silly for posting this as a comment on my own blog hoping that you'll see it.
love ya long time. no one mourns the wicked (good news)

The Irons said...

Hahahah OH H! yeah :) 702-622-6298

DeeAura said...

Uhm, your day sounds frighteningly like mine. It's a good thing we're already friends, or I'd have to add "make friends with you, asap" to my list of things to do today. :)

I bought chocolate last night. Because I was way past needing it. Also, because no one else would buy it FOR me. Haha? Yeah....

Adam R. said...

"No pies?!"

Mindy said...

I wait for something to be put into my inbox ... Sigh.

I had the exact conversation yesterday about ringtones and songs being tainted if they are what wake you up.

Sigh. I am tired.

You should show us your hair cut that only cost the childrens' fee.

Jordan and Laura said...

Buck up little camper. Friday is almost here.

elise lauren photography said...

hey thanks for dropping off my portfolio last night! so nice of you!