Sunday, May 17, 2009

it only, takes a moment....

major points if you can tell me where the title of this post comes from. if you don't know, culture yourself and get back to me.

have you ever met someone...or had them as an aquaintance friend on facebook...or seen them on tv...or sat by them in church every week for a year and thought to yourself, "if they knew me, we'd be friends"...or "if he actually knew me, he would want to love me"????

i do this alot. maybe it's a way for me to try to build my own self esteem and make me feel like we aren't friends or not dating because they don't know me as opposed to the real reasons why neither of those are happening. i have alot of people who are friends with "popular" people in provo. (i hate even saying "popular people in provo", but you know the people i'm talking about...and if i threw out a few names, you'd say "oh yeah, i met him once" or " i've been to one of their parties." you know what i mean) i've met these popular people before, and some of us are friends (not to brag). some of them i meet over and over again. as much as i love meeting the same person multiple times, it's much easier when they remember my name and have a nice chit chatty conversation with me (thank you stephen jones.)
when i first moved up to school and i thought it was cool to watch mtv, we would watch making the band. my roommate and i were convinced that o-town would be our friends....if only we could meet. okay, so it's not quite like that now. o-town was a little out there, i agree.
sometimes i get angry with myself, because i get in social situations and i can get intimidated. i've heard their names before. they're legends at efy. i saw them in a show last weekend. and then when i meet them in real life, i'm really quiet and reserved. i'm sorry, but i don't know what part of my personality is quiet and reserved. and thats when i think in my head "if they really knew me, we'd be friends". translation: if i wasn't scared enough to actually be myself instead of being so concerned about what they think, maybe next time they would actually remember my name.

so to those *insert name here* of the world, can't wait to meet you....again.

and if you're not good at names? i understand. you're popular, right? but really. if we meet and introduce ourselves on friday at 10 pm and i happen to see you saturday morning at 10 (that's only 12 hours...) and you turn around and say "it's betty, right?" come. on. now. #1:when was the last time you met a betty??? #2: if you really don't remember my name, just ask.

and in case you were wondering....if you knew me, we'd be friends.


Tiff said...

Wait - your name's not Betty? Ok, now I'm really embarrassed. Does this mean I addressed it to the wrong person?!
Oh my.
(Sorry, I find myself funny at least. ;) )

Adam R. said...

That is awesome. For so many time, I'm going to ask for your autograph--but I want it to say "Betty."

Andrea said...

#1 thank you for posting this. . .
#2 i feel the same way 100%. so much so i thought about blogging about it but then didnt. . . for about all the same reasons i feel people would like me if they really knew me (not sure if that makes sense)
#3 betty. funny.
#4 - i apologize for the length of this comment.

Lynzie said...

Well, I would say it's from "Hello Dolly!", but I could also say it is from "Wall-E".


hf said...

From reading your blog, it surprised me that you'd have those moments where you're not as self assured.
I have those moments often - maybe too often! Thanks for posting and putting it so well.

Bethany said...

very funny with the Betty jokes. i actually have ONE friend (and one only) that calls me betty. but he's married now and i don't know if we're still on nickname status.

lynzie, you. are. correct! thank you for putting the wall-e plug in there too. i forgot it was in that movie. pat yourself on the back for being cultured.

halaulani- i'm afraid everyone is like that in one social situation or another...even those who seems to be able to handle the social scene. they are just better at hiding it :)