Monday, June 22, 2009


life is.....interesting.

interesting the people you meet. the people you become friends with. the people you work for.

the things you enjoy. the things you avoid. the things that are awkward. the things that give you the "uh oh" feeling.

the time wasted. the things you take for granted. the relationships you cherish.

interesting how paths cross. how worlds collide. and how certain people are there to help you put things back together again.

interesting the people you miss when they are gone. the people you don't. and those special people who try your patience.(blah)

where you travel. where you live. who you live with.

timing. i was told again tonight that it's all about timing. do you know how many times i've gotten my hopes up hearing that single word? timing. i agree. timing is tricky. timing is interesting. i hate timing.

life is interesting. it's easy for me to look at other peoples lives and be grateful for mine. it's just as easy for me to look at other peoples lives and be slightly covetous. (dang it....)
what?? you just passed the bar and you're going to propose to your fiance, all while being independently wealthy? well, congratualtions.

i don't mean for this post to come across as angry or bitter. i've just had some time to think lately, and that means i try to figure out the purpose for things happening the way they happen. i know there's a purpose. the ducks will line up eventually. the shack brings good luck.



Whitney said...

That was deep.

Heather and Taylor said...

I echo what Whitney wrote. Can't wait to be with you this weekend. I'll call you soon.

Adam R. said...

It is interesting...