Thursday, June 11, 2009


i love when i tell people that i have the swine flu....and most of them get paranoid and all the sudden think they are sick.

what are your sypmtoms?? oh my, well... my throat has been a little itchy lately. and i did have a headache yesterday. and i coughed this morning. do you think i have the swine flu?

#1. i am not a doctor and cannot diagnose you.
#2. thank you for sympathizing.
#3. it really just is the normal flu. i'm just more contagious that the normal flu. do i feel great? no. but i'm not dying.
#4. if i infected you....i'm sorry.

i had some friends come visit me this morning. they brought a mask for me. and i wore it. they sat on one side of the patio, and i sat on the other. with my mask on. and we talked. it was glorious.

cousin came over early afternoon. we went on a walk. with my mask on. there was a slight breeze and she was convinced that if i wore my mask and stayed "down wind" that she would be okay. she stayed a good 2 steps ahead of me the whole time, but it was wonderful. wore me out, but wonderful.

all of these good people, risking their lives for my sanity. am i losing my sanity? maybe. i would love to be getting alot of stuff done. little projects here and there. they all require me to be outside. around people.
instead i'm hanging out in my apartment. nothing is on tv, and i never thought i would say this, but facebook is getting old. barf. i should have hopped in the car and gone home for a few days to have my mom nurse me back to health. too late now.

any good movies in the redbox??

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Mindy said...

This is not my definition of being quarantined. Tsk, tsk, tsk. :) P.s. Thanks for not dying. :)