Wednesday, June 10, 2009

satan's flu


fun huh? i can't go back to work till monday. i'm takin my medicine. i don't have a remote for my tv, so i've scooted my couch up close so i can change channels with my toes. i bought a box of creamies, and i'm catchin up on my tv.
icing on the cake, they're looking to find a replacement for me for the Ragnar race...which is scheduled for next weekend. i was not looking forward to that race, and told everyone i needed to have something amputated or catch the swine flu so i wouldn't have to run.

be careful what you wish for, folks.


Melissa said...

oh b. if i had it my way i'd be sittin right next to you on that couch. but the normal flu doesn't even begin to compare the swine flu. those creamies are known to work miracles. hope you feel better soon.

Adam R. said...

Ummm...what about your roommates? Have they been quarantined?

Whitney said...

Beb's right. I think Creamies are proven to work better even than Tamiflu.

Bethany said...

ali = married and moved out.
nathalie = left on a trip for ten days and never came back. who knows where she is.
patty = basically quarantined in her room all the time anyways.

i basically have the house to myself. yipee. toes are starting to cramp from changing channels. life is so hard.

Mindy said...

A girl at work has been quarantined. Yeah, don't worry, I sat with her in a TINY office for hours two days ago to train her to work with a new client. So far, no symptoms.

Do you find it weird that a roommate left and never came back?

Do you find it weird that your roommate already, not prescribed by doctor's orders quarantines herself? Maybe she and my roommate can be roommates ... I can go days without seeing her because she does the same thing. Weird and not mentally healthy. Whatev.

Maybe you and I should be roommates, after the pig flu passes, naturally.

Jenny Wells Alama said...

mother! the stupid swine. i'm so sorry :( and wishes can come true. i will take that advice and run with it.

Emily said...

Bethany, oh my heck! Get better you crazy kid!