Thursday, July 2, 2009


i'm not going to see the jonas brothers at the stadium of fire. normally i would be very upset about this. i am a big fan, and normally i would be there to catch the show, but i'm outta here. waiting for my little ride to come and pick me up for a weekend o' fun in st. george with the family. it's supposed to be raining this weekend in provo, but st. george is scheduled for blaring heat from that thing we call a sun. (it doesn't seem to be out much these days....)
my sister and her family won't be able to make it to this family gathering, so there won't be any little kids there. this changes the trip quite a bit. we won't be entertaining for hours at the pool or taking little kids on tame 4 wheeler rides around in the desert.
it's now turned into late nights of hanging out with the sibs. getting to know my future sister in law better (bless her heart for coming and putting up with us). laying out at the pool. crazy rides on the motorcycles. and shopping. :)
most important thing....i'm outta here. away from work. out of provo. with my fam.

love. it.

ps....happy fourth of july. i will miss you, jonas brothers. :(


Steven & Jennifer Clegg said...

We'll have heat here in California, but I don't think we'll be having as much fun as you on the 4th!! Congrats on getting out of Provo always feels gooood :) We miss you!! We'll be in Utah for a short visit in two weeks or so. Hopefully we can see you.

Meg said...

HAve the time of your life with your own jonas brothers!! :) Get a video of the brothers singing a song to you! I would LOVE to see that!