Sunday, July 5, 2009

hook my phone to my hip

i will never leave my phone again. EVER. this weekend i was with my family in st. george, and when i'm on vacation or with my family (or a combo of the two) i tend to leave my phone in my purse and not pay too much attention to it. this weekend was no exception...but i learned my lesson.
i had a friend going on a roadtrip this weekend to rochester, ny. we have a mutual friend who is serving her mission there, and i told him to keep an eye out for her while he was there. i knew she was serving at church sites, so the chance of him running into her was high.
i went to lunch with my family. left my phone in the car. after lunch i peeked at my phone. 3 missed calls and a text saying i had missed my chance. WHAT?!?!? i checked my voicemail and there was a message on my phone from my two favorite people. friend on a roadtrip called on speaker phone, and the one and only LYRIC OLSEN left a happy little message on my phone telling me when she was coming home and making sure i would be at her house that night....AND I MISSED IT.
don't worry, they ended up running into eachother again and i was lucky enough to get another phone call. she wasn't allowed to talk on the phone to me, but ad put her on speaker phone and i heard her little giggle in the background. it was perfection, and i can't wait until july 26th. don't worry girl, i will be at your house....making chocolate chip cookies. and it will be glorious.
and yes, i did cry when i heard her giggle, and later when i listened to my voicemail (which i saved). she is a dear friend and i miss her. i am more than ready for her to come home.

i spent the weekend in st. george with my family. it was wonderful, and i will blog about it later with pictures. we got home earlier this evening. i took a shower, and was looking for someone to go on a walk with me before the sun went down. of course, no one answered their phones. i sat down on the couch debating whether or not to just go to bed when my phone rang. no way could it really be who it said on the caller id. answered the phone. CRIED when i heard my bff Ryan's voice on the other line. Ryan (my efy husband) has been in basic training for 10 weeks and i have missed him like crazy. my goodness it was the best hour long conversation i have had in a long time. i was reminded what a good friend he is. honest. encouraging. dedicated. trustworthy. loyal....i could go on and on. i am so proud of him for all he's done in the past 10 weeks. he graduates on tuesday, and will move on to the next phase of his training. i really can't get over how happy i was to hear his voice and be able to talk to him. good good good.

that's it. TWO GOODIES IN TWO DAYS. and i will hook my phone to my hip if i have the chance to get calls like those. i am a lucky girl.


Brianna Soloski said...

I love phone calls like that. Glad you got some good stuff.:)

Adam R. said...

Oh, and I was laughing just as much as anyone else. So good!

The Shupes said...

I hate it when I miss important phone calls, but sometimes it is so nice to go without it!! Oh and by the way, we got our green dresses at Dillards, on clearance, like way clearance, so they were like $30, reg. $200! We scored big time!! Would love to see you sometime!!