Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my boss calls me b

it's the truth. i pulled back in from lunch today and swung my car door open as i grabbed a few things from the passenger seat. i heard someone say "hey b!" i looked up and saw my boss getting in his car. "i'm going to run a few errands, i'll be back by 2". i gave him a smile and a wave and walked back into work. i really do get to work with great people.
sadly, my work partner in crime is out of the office this week. i can't blame her, she deserves a break, but work sure can get boring without her. icing on the cake, she knows everything....so people (co-workers and clients) always come to her for help. her voicemail and email are sending everyone to me this week. i'm up for the challenge, but sometimes i just want to hide under my desk and eat chocolate. it makes me appreciate more what she does when she's here. plus, she laughs at my jokes....even the ones that aren't really that funny.

today is a special day for me. today is my moms birthday. and not just my moms birthday, but my brothers birthday too. pretty cool to get to share your birthday with your mom, right? they are two of my favorite people, both of them always looking out for me and wanting the best. i know that ryan is home sick today with strep throat, but still....i hope they both had a great birthday and know how much i love them both.

did i mention i'm going on a trip? i leave in a week. good things about this trip:
1. i'm going to a place i have never been before, which makes me feel rather adventurous
2. i get to see dear friends while i'm there. no complaints
3. i get to travel with my best friend cindy. even thinking about it makes me smile. we talked today, and didn't really make plans for the trip. just tentative where we'll be and what we'll do. cindy is the ultimate travel partner, and i know i will be laughing constantly
4. i will not be at work. not even close to a tax return for almost a full week.
5. dance parties. we will have dance parties.

ok, only 4 things sounds lame i know, but i can't think of anything else right now. it's going to be a super chill, whatever happens happens kind of a trip....and i'm thrilled about it.

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Meg said...

Love it! can't wait to read about it! Love you! Be safe! HAVE MUCHO fun!