Thursday, August 13, 2009

drip drip drop...

i love summer rain storms.

i've been working in my room since i've been home from work. okay, so i watched gilmore girls first. big deal. is there anything better than opening your window in a rainstorm and letting the sounds and smells come in? yes. yes there is. sitting on the porch of your house and enjoying a rain storm.
don't worry, the sugar shack has a front porch, with two very cute whicker chairs.

new development. i have alot to do, but i'm losing motivation to do the stinky stuff. boo. i want to play with family and friends. catch up on movies. sleep.

this weekend lindsey moves in. let me explain. she has to be out of her house on the 19th. do you see a problem here? yes. the week of homelessness in provo is back. i see it as a real problem. i've worked it out with my management that i'll be able to stay until i can move into my new place. lindsey is my cousin visiting from out of town and staying with me. tricky, i know. it will be nice to not be alone in the house. tricky with only one key, but we'll make it work.
well, back to work. or to browse facebook. now that i've gotten in a comfortable position with my computer on my bed, i seem to have lost the motivation to deal with the large pile of clothes on my floor. hmmfph.

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Adam R. said...

Please dance to Disney songs...the shack will love it. They're songs that the shack has never heard (The time when married people were in there doesn't count, it is only the shack when the people living in it call it the shack).