Wednesday, August 12, 2009

shopping spree

i am without my phone charger, and life is hard. i left it at my cousins cabin on accident (duh) and have been living off of my car charger since saturday. truth. i've already made the mistake of charging it in my parked car with the battery on. (thanks ry and halie for coming to jump my car...and no, it won't charge when my car is off) i'm just used to using my phone all the time and then plugging that bad boy in at night. i'm patiently waiting for it to be retrieved from the cabin and back into my arms of love. until then, i might be going on some "scenic drives" to let my phone charge.

we are officially on wedding countdown in my family. the little last minute things are creeping up on us and requiring attention. i'm not stressed. i'm excited. i like having things to celebrate with my family.

so, i've started the ultimate packing project. i don't move for 2 more weeks, but i looked around at my belongings and told myself i needed to purge. i have 3 bins that i have moved with me for years. i have no idea what's in them. correction. i do now. i went through them tonight, and threw away 2 bins worth of "sentimental" things i couldn't seem to throw away years before. let me tell you a few things i found when i cleaned out these bins...and my desk.
  • my cortizone cream. bring on the bug bites. (just kidding, i would rather never use it)
  • 5 pairs of glasses. i'm sorry. but it's the truth. some are more updated prescriptions than others, but for the most part, i feel like i have a new collection of glasses. that brings to total of prescription glasses to 10.
  • pictures galore. some are from phases of life i'd rather forget. good thing i'm not feeling sentimental tonight. i chucked em. others were fun to look at, and brought back memories of good times. yee haw.
  • 7 For Strength of Youth Pamphlets. what? i love the youth. i still am a youth. the pamphlet applies. (yes, i kept them all)
  • my old ipod. yes, pick up your jaw off the floor. it's playing on my ipod base right now. spice girls. hsm. efy goodness. i put that baby on shuffle and can't get enough.
  • i found my ipod running strap. ok, so i don't know the official name for such things, but i own one, and i have an ipod that will fit in it. boo yah. (yes. old nsync just started playing. life is good)
  • my old tax information. i always knew i had it in a "safe place". now i know where that place is.
  • i now have a full first aid kit. i never knew i owned so many bandaids.
  • my watch collection. okay, so all the batteries are dead. i need to get that fixed, but basically, i think it's high time i started wearing watches again. especially when they are cute watches, which they are.
  • my ring i bought in puerto rico. i love this ring. i've missed this ring. not to get sentimental on a non sentimental night, but cindy has a matching ring. (nerdy, i know) i miss her, and with out a phone charger, i am afraid to call for hours...and not have a charged phone to work as an alarm clock for me in the morning
  • but really...why am i fretting....i found my ALARM CLOCK from my freshman year of college. still works.
  • 1 million cds. i really need to go through them and put those tunes on my computer. heaven sakes, i have 2 ipods to fill.

can you say GOLD MINE ?!?!?! i feel like i just went on a shopping spree!

next thing i need to do is go through my closet. i get tired just thinking about it. but you better believe i'm taking a load to plato's closet. has anyone had luck there? i'm afraid i'll take my clothes there and they'll laugh at me... "you want us to pay you for this??" i guess it's worth a shot. what they don't take, DI won't stick it's nose up to....right?

i'm determined to move only half of the stuff i currently own to my new residence. okay, that might be a little harsh, but there is no need for me to have so much stuff. the maddness has got to stop.


Mindy said...

Let's talk about your glasses. Actually, we are going to talk about mine. No, yours. 10? Seriously? Seriously. Now, back to mine. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 12-years-old. I wore them for six months like the Optimologist suggested, then I got contacts. I got my second pair of glasses a couple years ago ... as "just in case" ... Obviously, I wouldn't dare wear the ones I got when I was 12. So, after having worn glasses for 15 years, I have owned TWO pairs. TWO. The end. P.s. I think you are fabulous and I think I might be able to make it to your birthday bash!

Whitney said...

Mom would be so proud.

Jill said...

10 prescription glasses is one of the many perks we get for being daughters of an optometrist.

"yayyy daaddd."

ohh, and mom fixed the battery on 'your' watch. so add another tally to your watch collection.

Melissa said...

yes, that comment was from me. not mom. that woman doesn't know how to sign out.

hf said...

I was also going to say something cutesy regarding being the daughter of an optometrist, but was beat to the punch. 10 pairs!! WOW!

If you're into running and have a nano, they have the nike+ that is kinda fun to track everything and play around with...only 30-40$ :)