Sunday, August 9, 2009

once a year....

i believe.
in bigfoot. just looking at that picture freaks me out. i have a few cousins that have a few bigfoot stories. they are beyond convincing. every memorial day my family has a big campout. every memorial day...around the campfire at night....i believe in bigfoot. believe to the point that i make sure to use the restroom before it get's dark so i don't have to go alone at night.
i'm still trying to differentiate between believing and just being deathly afraid of ever crossing paths with such a thing. i went up to my cousins cabin this weekend and we went on our classic 4-wheeler ride up to the property. it was getting dark on our way back, and we took a trail that i wasn't familiar with. my cousin preton kept teasing me that bigfoot was going to come out of the forest and take us home with him. he was waiting for us around every corner. let's be honest. i was legitmately scared. scared of being up in the mountains in the dark. scared that i've heard bigfoot stories that have taken place on that very property. scared bigfoot was actually going to come snatch me. gross. i was more than ready for that ride to be over.
i think the not liking bigfoot thing also stems from my not liking monkeys, gorillas, or any form of monkey mask or costume. this could also explain why i don't like cosmo...not even from a distance.
and in case you were wondering. i hate this movie.


hf said...

You totally crack me up! And for the record, I have never seen Harry and the Hendersons. Don't think I ever will either. ;)

Lindsey Robb said...

Girl I'm a believer! Ever since I went camping with your brother and your cousin Carson, I have been a believer. The End. PS Did Ryan ever tell you about our UFO experience?